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Finality and Catharsis

There's something to be said for bleeding out the poison in your head and in your heart onto a personal blog.  It's therapeutic.  It's a mirror allowing you to see yourself and what you've just been through.

Domingo put the finishing touches on a lyrical autobiography of a long separation and looming divorce.  He'd fessed up to all his mistakes, pointed out hers, described his pain, then like an idiot, posted the damn thing, sent it to her, impulsively, set off a bomb. 

A week later, he's still broke.  On Friday his lawyer friend topped off his credit card limit and he drank more beer than intended.  Lost more sleep than he could remember, but peace finally came one afternoon, just a few days after the whole debacle.  She sent him a message on Monday saying her lawyer went ahead and filed since his lawyer hadn't, a major hick-up by his lawyer's legal assistant, but he was relieved. It was over.  

He thought he'd be upset that she beat him to the punch, but he smiled instead, it didn't matter anymore.

In the finality of it all he realized they were just two completely different people who drove each other nuts with their individual behavior.  He was a sappy romantic, a fantastic father, a good cook, handy with tools, and a damn good kisser.  She was a strong willed woman, a pretty good actress, dynamite singer, a damn good mother, and a good friend to anyone who needed one.

Life is full of people, none of them good, none of them bad, just people, flawed people, all trying to do what's best, according to what they consider to be best.  On a side note there are real evil people such as Charles Manson, Dick Cheney, and the person who decided it be a good idea to let Adam Sandler make more movies. 

Domingo got on the road, headed to work, a fire station 100 miles away.  Maybe he'll get a chance to make a difference in someone's life tonight. The rest of his life was waiting for him.