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First Friday

Tomorrow will be my second "First Friday" artisan fair in South Town San Antonio, otherwise known as The King William District.  I will have the honor of taking my son, Noah, with me as my helper.  I'll be selling T-shirts and prints of my illustrations as well showcasing some of my new paintings.  

I've come a long way since I first put up this web site.  I attribute that to my best friend.  She's lit a fire under my ass like no-one else.  I might be operating on a loss with all the expenditures, tables, shirts, canopy, bags, lights, etc... but am I having a blast!  Hopefully Noah will get a kick out of helping dad sell his art. 

I know we're kicking off the night with a special father and son run to In-n-Out burger. If you decide to come down and visit my booth, we'll be posted next door to Hot Joy Restaurant on South Alamo.  Wish us luck, hope to see you there!