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He met a beautiful woman in Austin a few months ago.  You probably know where this is going.  Honestly, I don't, and neither do you. He can't get her blue eyes and smile out of his mind, from the moment she jumped in his car, a short ride to urban outfitters, her adorable hair cut, the evening light from the open sunroof painting her shoulders.  The ride took them all over down town Austin.  He couldn't concentrate.  The problem, she lives in London, six hours ahead, thousands of miles, and one very expensive plane ticket away.  

His best friend from college sat in the passenger seat.  How's everything going? How have you been? How's Billy? She responded, he kept up, the move to London was tough, Billy's doing great, dad lives in Austin now, mom and dad still argue, but he kept looking in his rear view mirror, catching a glimps of her at every stop light. 

Don't  play the "poor me, she's out of my league card" he told himself days later, weeks later, months later, admiring her in every picture she posted.  She's clearly is out of his league, well traveled, well educated, European, gorgeous, a real life Russian replica of Winona Ryder in Mermaids, his childhood crush, life's way to short.  "I don't care," he mumbles as he mails 12" vinyl jazz and soul albums to London. "That'll be $38.82". "Whatever".

She wants to move to Austin next year.  He wants her to move to Austin next year.  Whether there's something there or not,  one more chance to make her laugh, see her smile , and look at those blue eyes, was worth the wait.

He's head over heals!? No, maybe, intrigued, captured, smitten.  Is he a romantic? Absolutely, it'll probably be the end of him, taking leaps for a smile, blue eyes, and Manhattans.  She calls him "darling" when she texts.