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An employer once gave an exhaustive address about something I could care less about.  Values or some abstract garbage that has nothing to do with the value of our labor, only the landfill bound bullshit we'll be pumping out every hour, day, week.  

Then he asked us if we wanted to be the pig or the chicken.  I looked around and most snapped out of whatever daydream they'd been gardening. You see, the chicken provides eggs for breakfast, but the pig gives completely of himself for one meal, bacon, ham, sausage. 

I raised my hand

Yes, you in the back. Pedro is it?  

I was Pedro to him. Sure, whatever.  I stepped up to the mic. 

I'd be the chicken. I'm sure it's got a collective bargaining labor contract and benefits providing for its protection and welfare since it will produce far more food and participate in more breakfasts than the pig.  

He thanked me for my remarks. 

A few weeks later I discovered the plant was closing down, moving to Nicaragua in a few months.  Apparently Nicaraguans agreed to be the pigs for breakfast.  They'd do what we do for 3/4 less what we get paid.  

But the standard of living down there is much less, claimed Jerry, his real name was Gerardo, but he wants to be Jerry.  Hell, I could live like a king if I moved down there. 

So, Why don't you? 

Shit, I can't just pick up and move man... Terry and I just bought the house last year.