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Waking up, letters #2


My flight got delayed last night. There was no way I’d make my connection to Austin. My choices were: get my ass to DC, sleep in the airport or head back to Juaqin’s apartment, leave the next morning. I chose the latter.  Spent more money for cab fares, fuck it, least I didn't pretend to be tough and sleep in those uncomfortable chairs.

Dude, I don’t wanna go home. I miss the shit out of my kids, but I’m constantly eating dog shit back there.  I fucking hate Texas. I’m going back to eat dog shit. I hate my jobs, all three of them, my social life is shit, and I’m probably gonna have to sell my house next year unless I start sucking dick for money.  

Dude, what the fuck is so great about Texas.  It's so god damn humid and hot. 

In any case, least i'm sober.  I probably would've dropped some cash getting loaded at airport bars.   

I chewed out some kid at a fast food joint this morning for tossing my food on the counter.  Now I gotta go make amends for being a dick.  Dog shit I tell you, that’s what I eat here. 

Enjoy L.A., cock smooch.