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Waking up, letters #3


I was over at my old neighbor's the other day, mowing their lawn.  Marty was telling me about how she hates going to the hair stylist on base.  Apparently they always fuck up her hair.  Mike told me they sucked this teeth out with a vacuum cleaner.  Evidently he'd gone to get a trim and a shave and the woman decided to run a vacuum hose over his face when it landed on his mouth, sucked in his lips and extracted the whole bottom row of false teeth!

"I had to dig-em out of da trash!" he said in his Boston accent. 

I couldn't stop laughing. 

Anyways.  I got about three months before my savings runs out. Gonna have to sell or rent out this place.  I've been getting rid of shit, furniture mostly, the less I have to haul outta here the better.  Merry fuckin' Christmas, eh? 

It's fine, I've made my peace with it, something else will come along. 

Anycase, we'll talk later.